Crystal Glass Penis Ice Fire Dildos Rods Chamber Couples Passion G Point Massager Anal Toys


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1, crystal penis workmanship is quite good, safe, luxurious, innovative, exquisitely carved, very nice!

2, in particular, no silicone smell, clean and convenient general appliance; but also can be heated or frozen using Addict stimulation; also suitable as arts and crafts to give as gifts, trendy special!
3, the graceful curve design, exquisitely carved, beautiful and luxurious.
4, the beautifully round, the chic trunk, let you experience the thrill of entering a different, naturally, yet enjoy the flavor!
5, to make your sex more full of more fun! At the same time, it is also a rare furnishings boutique, make your bedroom more eclectic;
6, the product can also use heat or ice to your private parts and bring court after the stimulation and pleasure rainbow night, if you really are sex expert, then you will not miss it!

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