Green Warrior Youcups Tight Super Soft Oral Masturbation Cup


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Intimate massage sets of material lines flexible, suitable for different body type Men, massage sets of a smooth surface, when the surface of the pipe is exposed to water-soluble lubricant will produce a non-slip effect, this effect of skin friction with each other generated reaction force, coupled with the flexibility on massage sets, an oppressive force for the entire spherical objects, together with other shares sucking masterpiece generate interleaved role, fantastic!Take this
Green Warrior Youcups home and enjoy your happy life!

* The new, sensational stimulator Warrior is the toy for the discerning man.
* When the penis enters the toy, a smooth, soft TPE hugs it closely for thrilling stimulation. powerful motors release pulsing vibrations just underneath the sensitive penis glans providing right-on-the-spot stimulation.
* One-button interface that gives complete control through 12 vibration modes. which offers a selection of vibration possibilities never before seen, which you can infinitely adjust to your desire.
* The low-maintenance and powerful motors in the Warrior can be operated independently from one another to release unique waves of vibrations. The sporty, ergonomic shape of this exclusive toy for men promises easy handling.
* Pulse vibrator soldiers, the most simple USB plug charging mode, high-capacity 500 mAh lithium-ion battery, the completion of a single charge, can be used for up to two hours.

Item NO.: YC0601-01
Material: body safe ABS/TPE
Weight: 250g
Size: 78*180mm
Color: green
Battery: Li-ion 500mAh 3.7V
Charging: 2h at 5.0V 500mA(USB)
User time: up to 2 hours
Standby: up to 90days

Package included:
1 * Green Warrior Youcups

1.Please use it in safe, sober and unforced condition
2.These personal items will not be returned for your health.

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