Whorls Anal Pleasure Butt Plug


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    Bust 23.62-37.80
    Waist 21.26-32.28
    Length 29.53
    Manual measurement, some errors may exist.
    Bust 23.62-37.80
    Waist 54-81.99
    Length 75.01
    Manual measurement, some errors may exist.

    Have you ever used this anal sex toy?
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    1.Soft Touch

    Color:Purple,Pink(Radom delivery)
    Material:  TPE

    Package included:
    1*Whorls Anal Pleasure Butt Plug

    1.Personal items will not be returned.
    2.All items are brand new,but we still strongly advise you to wash or clean the item before wearing or using it for health reasons.
    3.Wash product thoroughly before and after each use. We recommend the use of a toy cleaner. Such as safe suds. However warm soapy water may be used as well. Do not use on any open wound, skin lacerations or swollen or inflamed area.
    4.Discontinue use if pain or discomfort develops.

    This device is exclusively for individual, please be careful to keep it clean before and after use; when washing it, keep circuit part away from water, avoid to cause electrical fault; keep silicone cover away from dirty matter like ink; before storage, remove battery and reposition back to its normal site respectively in packing box for future.

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